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Agreement between you and Abacus Language Services

Welcome to the Abacus Language Services website.

This agreement covers this site and any other subsequent digital platform version of this site we have or may create. By using this platform you indicate you unconditionally and irrevocably accept our terms and conditions. However if you do not accept our terms and conditions you are free to cease using this platform. 

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before proceeding or contracting Abacus Language Services.

This platform and any other Abacus Language Services websites or platforms is jointly owned by Abacus Multimedia Pty Limited in Australia, Abacus Multimedia Limited in New Zealand and Abacus Multimedia (Private) Limited, a Pakistan registered limited liability company subject to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

Australian customers contracting services with Abacus Language Services are dealing with Abacus Multimedia Pty Limited, Australia.

New Zealand customers of Abacus Language Services are dealing with Abacus Multimedia Limited. 

Pakistan customers of Abacus Language Services are dealing with Abacus Multimedia (Private) Limited, Pakistan.

All Abacus Language Services’ digital servers are located in Hong Kong and subject to laws exercised in that jurisdiction.

Customers from other countries doing business with Abacus Language Services will be dealing with one of the three brand units, according to the information on their office quotation and acceptance agreement.

By accepting our Terms and Conditions you indicate that you have the legal right to engage in any of the services that our platforms offer in accord with our, and any of our potential third party services providers’ terms and conditions.

Payment responsibility

You accept that you will be legally bound for the payment of any lawfully contracted services from either us, or any of our potential third party service providers, which you choose to purchase or contract from us.

You accept responsibility for all payments owing for services you or another person acting on your behalf with your permission agree to purchase from us.

Changes to terms and conditions

Abacus Language Services will make changes to our terms and conditions as and when necessary without advance notification. Once these changes are published on our platforms they shall become effective and will not be post-dated retrospectively on already contracted services committed and paid for, unless we are required to make such changes in accordance with law. By continuing to use our platform after any changes in our terms and conditions you give confirmation that you accept these changed terms and conditions.

Legally binding

Abacus Language Services’s published terms and conditions or any other legally binding policies, guidelines or notifications which we may publish shall supersede any verbal or written statements which may contradict our published terms and conditions. These published terms and conditions are our agreement with you, rather than any oral or written statement contradicting these terms and conditions. Your understanding of services and guarantees offered by Abacus Language Services must be interpreted in accordance with these terms and conditions and any modifications and changes which may be published.

Platform usage limitation of liability

Your use of Abacus Language Services’ platform is exclusively at your own risk. Any damage to your computer, tablet, phone or other electronic device which may occur while using any of our platforms is not our responsibility, but is yours. While every effort is taken to protect our platforms from malicious cyber attack or any other illegal digital activity, we make no claim that our platforms are virus free, malware free or have other evasive software maliciously embedded in our sites without our knowledge and against our wishes. If our sites are subject to any evasive electronic attack, it is our highest priority to remove them and defend our site against such attacks. However we deny all responsibility for damage users may experience.

Warranty disclaimer

Within laws applying to jurisdictions in which we operate, to the maximum permitted extent, we disclaim all representations, agreements, warranties and covenants concerning all software, information, services and products mentioned on any of Abacus Language Services’ platforms. The entirety of all software, information, services and products is published “as is” devoid of representations, agreements, warranties and covenants which includes all conditions of merchantability, warranties, fitness for specified purpose, title and non-infringement of implied warrant.

Liability limitation

On no account will Abacus Language Services accept any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or exemplary cost, loss, or lost profits or revenue which you or any user may claim as a consequence from any product or service offered by Abacus Language Services or any of our third party providers available on our platforms. We refuse any and all liability for punitive or exemplary costs or damages which you may claim. We deny all liability or costs from damages or claims relating to equitable or injunctive remedies or any other costs experienced by you, resulting from breach of contract, tort, negligence or other liabilities experienced by you from services you accessed on any of our Abacus Language Services platforms or from any services which our platforms may have linked to.

Our translations guarantee

While translators do make errors, they are extremely rare and we make every attempt to ensure none are present in work we undertake. Therefore Abacus Language Services guarantee all work to the maximum capacity of our translations staff but cannot and will not be held responsible for dissatisfaction over translations work. We will investigate any complaints claiming unsatisfactory work and limit remedies to a refund of any customer payments.

Liability caused by delay and cancellation

Abacus Language Services will not accept responsibility for any costs experienced by you or other users caused by delays or cancellation of products, services, projects or translations work initially agreed to. However this limitation of liability does not exclude liabilities where applicable laws may hold us to, within relevant legal jurisdictions.

Abacus Language Services’ Indemnity

A condition for using any of Abacus Language Services digital platforms is your agreement to indemnify us against and from any and all expenses, liability, legal costs and/or damages which may arise from claims relating to services which you or your agent may have contracted or paid for via any of our platforms or through other methods. The indemnity extended to Abacus Language Services includes without any reservation or limitation at all, any and all claims relating to disputing or alleging factually incorrect statements which may be considered a breach of terms and condition by us or any service provider we promote or link on any of our platforms.

Third party service provider links

Abacus Language Services’ platforms may include links or suggestions to third party and/or service provider links whose content we have little or no say over. Consequently we deny all responsibility for the operation, control, content or quality of services or information which these third party sites publish or offer. While PSF takes steps to only include appropriate third party links, their inclusion on our platforms does not imply we endorse them or are in any way liable for them. It is your responsibility to judge the authenticity or reliability of information and/or services offered on such third party service providers.

Your usage of Abacus Language Services’ platform

By using any of Abacus Language Services’ platforms you agree to use it for the purposes specified. You promise to only use Abacus Language Services’ platform for the purposes intended. You promise to not make false requests or submit false projects which are not your own or you have no intention of paying for. Abacus Language Services and/or our service providers reserve the right to cancel without notification any or all services engaged by you if we have reason to believe such services or projects are not genuine or infringe on someone else’s intellectual property rights. In such cases Abacus Language Services shall not accept any liability for inconvenience or costs endured by you.

Payment for services

When using Abacus Language Services such as purchasing an item from Our Shop or accepting a quote for any service offered by us or through our platform you agree to all terms and conditions published by us or our service providers in relation to timely payment of amounts, including but not limited to, additional fees in compliance with the rules described in the service providers’ terms and conditions. Any and all costs, fees, charges, penalties, taxes, duties, assessments and other costs arising from using services via our platforms are the sole responsibility of you.

Website abuse

You agree to not abuse any of Abacus Language Services’ websites or platforms which includes any digitally accessed site available on any devise such as computer, tablet or phone. Abuse includes but is not limited to defamation, harassment, threatening, stalking, hacking or in any way violating our rights and the rights of others associated with us as specified by law and common decency. You agree to not harm or attempt to harm or interfere with our platform’s functioning and operation or that of our users via any devise whether software or otherwise. You agree to not engage in, or attempt to engage in downloading, uploading, transmitting or planting malware, computer viruses or corrupt files on our platforms or via our platforms onto other users’ platforms. You agree to not infringe the intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights of us, our third party service providers or users by downloading, uploading or transmitting software or textual, photographic or other material from our platforms.

Copyright or Intellectual rights

Users of our sites agree to not omit or misrepresent any material taken from our sites by not crediting us or seeking and securing our approval to copy, download, upload or imitate our material. Any material provided to us by you, must be original or its creators and intellectual property owners acknowledged and specifically identified. You agree to not misrepresent the material’s origin, authenticity, accuracy and to comply with any rights holders’ identifications, patents, trade marks, copyright, propriety language or other intellectual rights. If anyone feels their material has been illegally used by us in any way, as may have occurred via third party supplied material, then inform us and we shall remove it if it has been illegally obtained or infringes on the rights of another. For example if an image we use, purporting to be in the public domain is actually the creative or intellectual property of another, then inform us immediately and directly and we shall remove it as soon as we are practically capable of doing so. All images and texts we are using on our platforms and in our publicity material is sourced from the public domain, however in some cases this may not be correct. We deny ever using images or text which are not in the public domain. If you believe we have violated your intellectual property rights in this regard, we shall immediately remove it as soon as practical and investigate it. Abacus Language Services translates and writes all its own text material, creates its own artwork, logos, icons and exclusively sources images from what we honestly believe to be the public domain.

Abacus Language Services’ exclusive intellectual property

You agree to not post, transmit, copy or disclose any of Abacus Language Services’ intellectual property, trade secrets or otherwise protected or confidential proprietary information or material which may come into your possession, irrespective of the means it came into your possession.

Objectionable material

You agree to not download or upload files or content which is either unlawful or objectionable onto or from our platforms and/or distribute or attempt to distribute such material via digital means. If for example an objectionable image is illegally placed on our site, you agree to not copy it and/or share it.

Digital security

You agree to not interfere, disrupt or attempt to interfere or disrupt any of Abacus Language Services’ platforms, servers, networks or other electronic software or martial, or that of our third party associates, or that of our users. You agree to not access or attempt to access or block or attempt to block any of our, our users, suppliers or third party associates communications, digital access, networking connections or hosting, including but not limited to overloading, propagating, initiating, participating, directing or attempting any variety of denial of service attacks against us or any of our linked associates. You agree to not undertake or attempt to undertake any attacks against Abacus Language Services or any of our associated platforms including any spamming, crashing, flooding, mail-bombing or other malicious digital activity against us. You agree to not direct digital bots, spiders, crawlers, avatars, intelligent agents or any other type of automated process at any Abacus Language Services platform, computer systems or digital hosting services, devises or software. You agree to not carry out electronic activity designed to have any malicious purpose or purpose of violating our digital intelligence, including intelligence relating to our commercial activities or search engine optimisation and/or other types of digital traffic reporting. You agree to not undertake electronic activity designed to produce unreasonable digital loads directed at any of Abacus Language Services’ computer hardware, networks, storage, input/output or electronic control devices or our digital infrastructure, or those of third parties who host our platforms. You agree to not transmit or attempt to transmit any material, information or software through our platforms or servers. You agree to not copy, display, create, license, distribute, perform, recreate, publish, sell, reproduce or transfer material originating from our websites or platforms without seeking and receiving our approval to do so. You agree to not falsely use any personal identification or password associated with any Abacus Language Services’ electronic platform, service or internal process. You promise not to impersonate or misrepresent another’s identity in dealing with Abacus Language Services or any of our third party associates.

Agreement violation

Abacus Language Services is vigilant about maintaining the accuracy of all information and links recommended on our platform, so we are confident we have undertaken reasonable steps to ensure you are viewing accurate information. Nevertheless we cannot be entirely confident about the correctness of all information provided by our affiliates, third party associates, investment partners or advertisers. It is up to you to determine the veracity of opinions, recommendations or information on linked sites of our associates. Opinion based information, such as descriptions of services or projects or historical information which we have published are the opinions of Abacus Language Services which may differ from other people’s opinions. Our opinion information is intended to provide some information, not all information, upon which you should make decisions. Abacus Language Services consequently disclaims all responsibility and liability resulting from you or other user’s reliance upon our advice or recommendations published on our platform. It is your responsibility to continue researching services or information about services we may have mentioned, suggested or recommended.

Transmission errors

While Abacus Language Services seeks to ensure our platform operates without interruption so that transmission errors do not occur, owing to the technical nature of the internet we do not guarantee your use of our sites and affiliates is without error. Abacus Language Services reserves the right to suspend or amend our platform’s service via the internet without notice if we are required to by circumstances (such as cyber security, website maintenance or law). Additionally our website may be off-line during periods of repairs, addition of new services, content or pages or because of issues out of our control, such as problems with our hosting providers. Any errors which user’s may encounter as a result of internet transmission errors or suspension of service will not result in Abacus Language Services being liable for any losses which users may experience. Abacus Language Services accepts no liability for any inconvenience or potential loss caused if our platforms are unavailable.

Our intellectual property rights

Any copyrighted written or graphic material, trademarks or any other types of intellectual property comprising Abacus Language Services content is the exclusive property of Abacus Language Services and/or its parent company or companies. This includes all content across all our platforms including text in all languages, graphics, graphic icons, logos, images, video and audio clips, gifs, downloadable material, data and also the design of our platforms, together with software and digital features. Our use of affiliates’ content is with their approval and in accordance with international trademark copyright and laws governing database treaties in multiple legal jurisdictions. Abacus Language Services reserves all rights concerning our intellectual property rights.

Fair Use of our material

Content on Abacus Language Services’ websites is for your personal usage and you are permitted to print and download a single copy of page content from our platforms for non-commercial usage. We require users to agree to not copy, create duplicate or similar pages of content, modify, transmit, display, publish, distribute, perform, licence or sell any translations, software, product, project, service, information or content sourced from any of our platforms without the express permission of Abacus Language Services. Furthermore you agree to not publish and/or produce your own platform or database utilising content, material or designs from any of our platforms without specific permission from PSF. Where PSF gives permission to use information, graphics or any type of content from any of our sites for reproduction, we require all reproduced material to acknowledge the specific webpage from which this information was derived from our platform. We request acknowledgement and credit for our original content. If you or other users violate the Fair Use of our platforms or content contained in our platforms Abacus Language Services interprets this as a breach of Agreement and your right to use any of our platforms or services is suspended. If you have violated any reproduction of our site we request you delete any electronic material you have copied or changed and/or destroy printed material of the same.

Abacus Language Services’ Fair Use of other material

Pursuant to Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 (USA), allowances are granted for what is constituted “Fair Use” which include copyright material for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. Consequently our potential use of copyrighted material which may or may not have been specifically authorised by the actual copyright owner is covered by such “Fair Use”. Any such material has been offered to Abacus Language Services audiences or platform users for comment, education and informational purposes only, in accordance with the Act.

Abacus Language Services trade names

Trade names belonging to Abacus Multimedia, including Abacus Language Services together with any others which may be used on any of our websites or platforms and other names which we may create at a future time are the exclusive property of Abacus Language Services and where applicable are a legally registered service or trade names. Trade names and their associated domain addresses are the property of Abacus Mulitmedia and/or its affiliates and may not be reproduced or used without our consent.

Abacus Language Services Intellectual Indemnity

All individuals and parties who submit text, documents, video, audio, art material, concepts or any other form of intellectual property to Abacus Language Services, indemnify us from accusations of intellectual appropriation. Abacus Language Services promises to discretely protect documents and ideas which may temporarily have in our custody and will not copy, preserve or share documents, concepts, or intellectual property. Submitting material to us is at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for loss or breach of security during transmission. If ideas, concepts or themes of material you submit to us appear in subsequent material or productions we are associated with or have produced, it is not because we appropriated or shared your intellectual property, but because such ideas had come to us already or through an unrelated party or from the public domain. Abacus Language Services does not engage in intellectual theft and views this practice with utmost distain.

Dispute resolution

It is not Abacus Language Services’ responsibility to provide legal advice regarding dispute resolution. Where you have a legitimate dispute against a third party, or associate of Abacus Language Services we would like to know about it and we may terminate our relationship with that service provider if we believe your complaint is legitimate, however Abacus Language Services denies all responsibility for any claimed liability resulting from a dispute.

Payment options

Abacus Language Services’ or our third party service providers may accept or request different payment options including, but not limited to, credit and debit cards.

Payment options may vary according to where you are from.

When you use one of the payment options available from a service provider whether credit/debit card or alternative payment method, you agree that you are the authorised person to use such card or payment method and you take responsibility for the transaction. Abacus Language Services or our third party service providers retain the right to verify the payment by whichever legal method is deemed necessary by us or them. 

Data security breaches

Abacus Language Services takes reasonable measures to protect customer and third party information security transmitted to us via a digital medium through our platforms. While we take measures to protect confidentiality from unauthorised access, any access to our information obtained without our consent is not warranted by us. We shall not be held liable for any information gained by a non-authorised party (such as via hacking or other unapproved/illegal method), to data held by us.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Security

As a digital security precaution Abacus Language Services’ website may utilise SSL (Secure Socket Layer) website security which encrypts communication between the user’s computer and our servers. To understand how your browser interacts with SSL you should undertake your own research into its security specifications. Usually a security connection is displayed with a closed lock icon on your browser. Usually when browsers are compatible with SSL, transactions will be automatically secure. In order to see if your connection is secure check the display specifications for your browser. 


Abacus Language Services doesn’t deliberately collect or promote the collection of personal data about minors or children without their parent’s or legal guardian’s consent. If a non-authorised third party lodges data relating to a child in breach of our policy, Abacus Language Services shall delete it as soon as practical when we are made aware of this. If legal guardians or parents request any data relating to their wards or children, we shall comply with their lawful request.

Abacus Language Services disclaimer

Information, images, gifs, maps and any other original material published on any and all of Abacus Language Services’ platforms is not authorised for use by anyone without our express permission or in other circumstances as already outlined in our Terms and Conditions and other policies. Abacus Language Services retains the right to restrict or prevent to the maximum extent permitted by law in all jurisdictions any of our material or content, whether for redistribution, resale or any other commercial use of information, data or content from our platforms.

Further information

If you have questions regarding Abacus Language Services’ Terms and Conditions or other policies, or wish to draw to our attention any concerns please communicate with us through our Contact Us page. We appreciate learning of technical issues you may experience so we can improve our services. We value useful and constructive feedback. Thank you for visiting the Abacus Language Services’ digital platform.

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