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Privacy Policy

Abacus Language Services Privacy Policy

Our company and staff are committed and legally obligated to protect your privacy in all matters. Translators and designers are bound to not discuss or comment on customer’s work outside the office and are prohibited from discussing work or assignments on social media. Abacus Language Services exclusively use information and documents provided to us to:

prepare accurate pricing quotes, and to translate your documents, text, recordings etc.

In the course of translating we retain copies of our translations work, but will delete all documentation or records upon request. We do not share information about translations work or client information with associates or third parties.

Abacus Language Services seeks to retain the barest minimum of information about clients and their translations work, such as contact and company name, phone numbers, address and payment details. Whenever customers request us to delete any or all information we do so in the interests of integrity. 

Data storage

Abacus Language Services store customer data and translations work on hard drives maintained in our offices under our control. Where we use cloud storage to facilitate our outsourced translators our email and cloud data is stored on servers maintained in Hong Kong.

Non-disclosure agreements

Abacus Language Services’ staff each sign Non-disclosure agreements preventing them from discussing client work and where necessary we as a company are happy to sign a similar agreement with customers and clients. Because of the confidential nature of much of the translations work we undertake we understand many clients will not wish to be identified. Consequently if we do want to publicise who our clients are, we do so with their permission.

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